Custom Hand Painted Children's Murals


Sweet Pea Murals specialising in CUSTOM HAND PAINTED children's WALL MURALS.


Every child's bedroom or playroom is special no matter what the age and there is no better way to make it unique and special than to customise it with a hand painted mural. Sweet Pea Murals - wall and canvas art for children, can creates the highest quality mural for any child's bedroom, playroom or nursery, of any theme, whether it's a single character from a favourite book, television programme or film, or a complete room theme Sweet Pea Murals can help you create a magical place that your child will adore.

If you are considering asking me to do a bespoke hand painted mural for you, please contact me for an informal chat to discuss your ideas, and to see whether I can create something for you within your budget. I'm approachable and friendly, and a honest, reliable and professional worker. I've had many satisfied and happy customers, take a look at my testimonials page to see what a few of them have said about me.

How the process works and what you can expect:


1. Initial Contact and Consultation


The process begins with a chat about your requirements though either email or by telephone. We can discuss any ideas or themes that you already have in mind and your budget. I can offer a rough estimate for the cost at this initial stage, and can suggest a range of options and prices if you wish, such as full room murals, one wall murals and canvases. But, unfortunately I cannot give you a fixed price without seeing the room and/or design you would like reproduced on a wall/canvas.

Every mural is different, the subject matter, the size and amount of details all determine the time it will take to complete and consequently the cost. For hand-painted work, a simple mural may take only a day or two to complete, a more complex mural painted on one wall can take on average around 2 - 5 days, and an average full room mural takes somewhere between 10 -15 days to complete. More complex designs and larger rooms will take longer, so the costs can range from a few hundred pounds for simpler designs, up to many thousands for complex whole room designs.

In order for me to work out a fixed price I would need to see the room and/or design that you would like reproduced on a wall/canvas. If you're interested in a mural quote, I will arrange a time and date to come to your home, meet you and to view the child's bedroom, play area or nursery where you would like the mural painted. We would talk through your ideas and I will make some sketches of the rooms layout, take some photos and measure the walls and note where bedroom/playroom furniture will be situated so as not to compromise the final design.

Most people have an idea of what they want, every child has a favourite toy, a character from tv or film, or book or perhaps you may have themed nursery/bedroom furniture already that you wish the mural/canvas(s) to be based around. If, however you are not sure of a design, and need inspiration, it is at this stage I could show you some designs to help you decide.

I do not charge for consultations or estimates.


2. Design and Fixed Quote


Armed with your chosen design for a mural, sketches of your room and measurements or just your chosen design if you are opting for a canvas, I can work on a basic preliminary design, which I can email to you for your approval. Once this design is approved by you I can then work out a precise quote, which will be sent to you. I offer a fixed quoted price by the job, not by the hour, which I promise not to exceed even if it takes me a little longer so there will be no financial surprises.

If you are happy with the proposed design, cost and work schedule, we will then discuss a start date.


3. Preparation of the Walls


To begin your mural, your wall(s) need to be prepared and painted ready for the mural. The walls should ideally be either new or old plaster and the base coat for your walls completed. The preparation of the walls should be completed before my arrival, or I can do it for an additional charge, but it will save you money if you can do this yourself. If you are painting walls prior to my arrival, please check with me before painting that it is a suitability colour for the background of your mural.


4. The Work


Before I begin work I will lay down some plastic sheeting and dust sheets to protect the floor and furniture, I then draw the design on the walls. Once this stage is complete, I will get your approval before I begin painting. I usually work from 9.00am to 4.00pm, with a short break for lunch which I bring myself. I can work weekends or nights if required. I am quiet and discreet, an honest, reliable and professional worker, respectful of your space and mindful that I will be working in your home, treating it with the utmost regard. All of my clients have been happy with my working practice, and delighted with the finished result, take a look at my testimonials page at some of the kind words previous clients have said about me.

I use various brands of acrylic paints and emulsion, these paints are low odour, non toxic and are very durable, so they are safe to use in baby's and children's rooms.


5. Deposit and Payment


To begin work, I will require a deposit paid at the start of a job, and this deposit will be half of the quoted total price, up to a maximum of £500. The rest of the money will be payable at the completion of the job.